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At Louis Kennedy Solicitors we understand the stress and complexities involved in any type of conveyancing.


Our immigration consultants are a pioneer in various immigration issues.

Personal Injury

A personal injury includes the negligence of a second entity and comprises to be an important aspect of law.


Engagement in any criminal investigation, from any side, requires prompt effective defense. Our firm is based on the belief that every case is different.

Family Law

We look at every case from a fresh stance. With every new case, we start a new cycle of legal proceedings.

Employment law

Louis Kennedy solicitors are here to assist you in filing or dealing with employment law cases.We have a vast experience of working with different types of professionals and employers.

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As a leading law firm based in Leicester, East Midlands, Louis Kennedy Solicitors offers exceptional yet affordable legal services in immigration, employment, personal injury, personal affairs, and various other areas of law.